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Nests and accessories for birds

Comfort is a very important factor in birds, because if these animals can not rest as they should, may be suffering periods of stress. To prevent such incidents, acquires bird nests and accessories that we offer you in and gives your pet welfare and health you deserve.
On our website online we offer a wide range of nests for birds , accessories bird nests and material for birds ' nests . Get the one that best suits the characteristics and needs of your pet.

Learn more about the bird nests

The nest is built by the same birds hatching their eggs inside structure. But not only fulfills that function, it also serves to protect the young against potential predators who may inhabit the surroundings.

Moreover, many birds leave their nests once the chicks have grown and are able to fend for themselves. Then, these nests are occupied by other birds, which modify the structure according to your needs.

For the construction of the nest, the birds make use of different materials for bird 's nest and bird 's nest accessories. They can be built with small or thick twigs, grass, moss or leaves; waste materials such as paper or cardboard; cobweb, feathers, among others. It should be noted that these materials vary depending on the type of bird, the number of eggs deposited therein, as well as the construction area. In fact, for example, some species of waterbirds use even mud and algae to carry out their buildings.

The size of the nests also varies depending on the type of bird you are talking about. For example, the hummingbird (considered one of the world's smallest bird) builds a nest according to their size; a flamingo, on the other hand, builds nests of considerable size (taking into account that is used to nest multiple offspring for several seasons).

Nests may also vary in shape. The most common is that cup - shaped; others may have bell-shaped funnel, or even have narrower openings depending on the type of protection needed by young.

Also, the location of the nests is another aspect to consider. Generally speaking, there are two places to build nests: the ground or trees. Its location depends, once again, the type of bird which is speaking.

Birds build their nests on the ground are those that do not tend to fly very often, nor too high. Instead, flying very high, they tend to build their nests in the treetops. Other typical places to nest building: hollow spaces within the trees, holes in rocks in caves, among others.

Original markings and accessories for birds nests

When we buy items of comfort for our bird it is very important that we choose those that ensure quality and durability us. So we have a nest to provide the necessary rest to our bird, which will prevent any kind of illness or disability. On our website online you can choose the brand of your choice without any problems.


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