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Hygiene and cleaning accessories for birds

If you have a bird in captivity, hygiene and cleaning accessories for birds they are necessary to maintain their habitat in good condition. In we offer you a wide range of products for the hygiene and cleanliness of these pets.


One of the accessories for cleaning most demanded in our web online birds are the cleaning brushes drinking and feeding. Products are essential when cleaning and disinfecting the cages, they avoid the presence of bacteria that may cause infection or disease in the animal.

Another bird cleaning accessories we offer in our virtual stand are antipicaje glasses. This tool is really useful while performing the duties of care and maintenance of the cage and the animal. We know that many birds suffer from stress or anxiety in situations of proximity to humans and, eventually attacking his master or even by hurting themselves. We can prevent these incidents with antipicaje glasses.

Bird hygiene accessories

Another of our accessories hygiene birds are known rings for parakeets. They have multiple functionalities of them, the main one : identify birds. The rings are a kind of bracelets that are placed on the feet of birds breeding, and you can find open or closed. The open ring is functional to identify a bird as yours, and you can place and remove as many times as you want. Instead, the closed loop is useful for birds participating in contests, since you can add additional information from the animal. Unlike the open ring, it can not withdraw unless the courts and, if so, you should discard it and use a new one . You can find it in a variety of colors representing the year in which they were placed.

These accessories hygiene birds are very functional for those who own more than one bird of the same species, allowing to identify and keep track of health care, vaccination, plumage, among others.

Accessories brands in hygiene and cleaning bird

Choose the best and most recommended brands in products for the hygiene and cleanliness of birds, such as ALC , Copele , Gaun , KVP , Kiki , Sandimas , Savic and Yagu .