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Long-lasting fun

Apetitus Long-lasting fun

The Snack is a very important element to strengthen the bond between the owner and his pet, either to give him a treat and see how he enjoys it or as a tool to teach him skills and commands for a better coexistence. Apetitus offers snacks of all kinds, for any moment: rewarding, pampering, training, playing, and more. All of them made with quality ingredients that give them a great taste and will make them love them.
With Apetitus snacks you help them to have a balanced and healthy diet, as well as hours of fun.

Long-lasting fun

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Apetitus has three product ranges.
Dental Care for the care of teeth and gums. Double and triple action sticks that will reduce tartar, prevent it and provide fresh breath to your pet. Snacks that will help maintain oral hygiene and give your pet a treat!
Long Lasting Fun to prolong the fun and provide pleasant moments of leisure and entertainment. This range includes calcium bones, ham bones, pressed bones, ox nerves and pig's ears. Long-lasting snacks to keep them entertained for hours. In addition, they will also strengthen their gums and jaw through which they will release their energy. Let's nibble!
Training Time, small-sized treats to congratulate your pet after each session and motivate him in the process. Small portions of happiness for our furry friends, offered in the form of crunchy biscuits, small bones and other semi-moist snacks. Ideal for capturing our friend's attention and helping us to continue strengthening our bond with him.
Apetitus snacks, presented in a wide variety of different formats and flavours. Every dog has its own preferences, but you are sure to find your dog's favourite in the Apetitus range of treats!